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What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are saved to your device (desktop computer, laptop, mobile phone) which help make your experience of the website better. They do not contain any personally information.

Some examples of our use of cookies:

  • To remember who you are so you don't have to give the same data multiple times during a visit.
  • To remember the items you have added to the "My List" shopping basket.
  • To enable access to your personal account information and related items.

As you can see, cookies really improve your experience of our website.

You may wish to learn more about managing cookies. If you continue without changing any settings you will receive all the cookies used on this website.

Cookies used on this website

Name Purpose Activated Duration
Initiated by Google
__utma Created by Google Analytics to track various aspects of your visit. For more information please visit Googles webpage. On visit 2 years
__utmb On visit 30 minutes
__utmc On visit Session
__utmz On visit 6 months
Initiated by keeleyhire.co.uk
livezilla Created by our servers to track various aspects of your visit, used by our live chat system. On visit. 45 days
kcsessionhash Created by our servers to manage your session on our website. On visit. 1 year
Initiated by you
basket Contains a list of items you have added to "My List". On clicking the "Add To My List" button/link. 2 years
eucookie Prevents display of the cookie notification message. On clicking the button to acknowledge that you no longer wish to be reminded about our cookie policy. 2 years
kcuserid Tell us who you are, and enables access to your account. On login. 1 year
kcpassword Works in conjuction with "kcuserid" and "kcsessionhash" to verify who you are. This is not your login password! On login. 1 year

Changes to our Policy

If we make any changes to our Cookie Policy, we will update this page to reflect them.

Please check back regularly for any changes to this Policy.

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