Nativity Scene Half Life Size Set

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Nativity Scene Half Life Size Set

# 6305
This is a large nativity set, perfect for a window or hall display.

The figures are approximately half life size.

It comprises of 11 items, the sizes are as follows:

Virgin Mary: 360mm x 920mm x 690mm
St Joseph: 560mm x 930mm x 760mm
Jesus in Manger: 450mm x 480mm x 630mm
Old Shepherd: 450mm x 950mm 410mm
Young Shepherd: 390mm x 980mm x 550mm
King in Red: 450mm x 1330mm x 580mm - Team Member pictured for comparison.
King in Green: 400mm x 980mm x 650mm
King in Yellow: 400mm x 920mm x 470mm
Standing Sheep: 560mm x 480mm x 180mm
Laying Donkey: 680mm x 450mm x 340mm
Laying Ox: 710mm x 395mm x 330mm
Please enquire for more details.
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