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Major property suppliers for over 50 years to the Film, Television, Theatre and Theme Event Industry. Founded in the late 1830s, Keeley Hire is recognised as having one of the largest collections of Props currently totalling over 500,000 items.

We provide props for films, TV productions, theatre, schools, corporate hospitality, themed events, armed forces, weddings, parties, retail displays and exhibitions.

Our recent Film & TV credits include: Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Outlander, Peaky Blinders, The Crown, Artemis Fowl, Dolittle, 007 - No Time to Die, Wonder Woman 1984, The King's Man, Cursed, The Witcher and Britannia.

Our event props cover an extensive range of themes from Halloween & American Diner to Medieval & Western.

Today, you will find Keeley Hire has expanded its operation with over 50,000 square feet of covered warehousing, conveniently situated just off the A10 in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire. We also operate a transport service to ensure your props arrive safely.

Keeley Hire (Film & TV) Ltd
1. Broxbourne Studios - 8 miles
2. Ealing Studios - 32 miles
3. Elstree Studios - 20 miles
4. Hoddesdon Studios - 1 mile
5. Leavesden Studios - 27 miles
6. Longcross Studios - 59 miles
7. OMA Film Studios - 9 miles
8. OMA:X Film Studios - 9 miles
9. Pinewood Studios - 43 miles
10. Shepperton Studios - 53 miles
11. 3 Mills Studios - 27 miles
S. Stanstead Airport - 20 miles
H. Heathrow Airport - 47 miles
Ref. #2136
Floorstanding Iron 3 Tier Candelabra
Ref. #2140
Floorstanding Candelabra #7
Ref. #2142
Floorstanding Candelabra #9
Ref. #6059
Large Seven Point Candelabra
An extensive range of floorstanding candelabra suitable for all occasions
Ref. #2196
Period Green Bath Chair
Ref. #2237
Slatted Horse Cart
Ref. #10982
Very large rustic horse cart
Ref. #10667
Flat slatted trolley
View a selection of our extensive collection of period & contemporay hand carts for every occasion ranging from carts for Medieval streets to Victorian trade carts to modern food vending carts.
view more Carts props
Ref. #5268
3/4 round fluted lampposts 12ft
Ref. #9851
Plastic Washington Lamp Top
Ref. #10778
Large Windsor Lamp top
Ref. #8342
10ft Bridgepost Lamppost
Street lighting available in different heights & style of lamp tops.
Ref. #11134
Fishing pole
Ref. #7919
Large iron well bucket - studded
Ref. #4037
Square soft hessian bales
Ref. #11128
Gas Canister - Soft
A vast range of dressing suitable for period and modern dock & harbours.
Ref. #3410
Suit Of Armour
Ref. #3411
Knights Suit Of Armour
Ref. #3408
C16th Spanish Jousting Suit Of Armour
Ref. #5973
C16th Spanish Etched Suit of Armour

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To Brett, James, Maria & Lee. Thank you so much for all your help on YOTR. You've helped us prop the vast majority of our sets! Thanks also for being so welcoming whenever we visit. All the best Alex, Sam & Cassie
We found Keeley Hire to be a great place to hire unique props.

We hired a beautiful chair throne for our production which was in a great condition.

The level of service we received from the team at Keeley Hire was excellent.

The delivery and collection went very smoothly.

We highly recommended Keeley Hire.
Noorie Kamani

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Period ice cream & sweets handcart
Ref. #12521
Hot dog vendor cart
Ref. #12522
Ice cream vendor cart
Ref. #12523
Ice cream confectionary bicycle
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