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Welcome to Keeley Hire

Major property suppliers for over 40 years to the Film, Television, Theatre and Theme Event Industry. Founded in the late 1830s, Keeley Hire is recognised as having one of the largest collections of Props in the Film, Theatre and Event Industry, currently totalling over 500,000 items. If we don't have what you're looking for, custom items can be made to order.

We provide props for Movies, TV series, Stage productions, School plays, Events, Weddings, Parties and Shop displays.

Today, you will find Keeley Hire has expanded its operation with over 50,000 square feet of covered warehousing, conveniently situated just off the A10 in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire.

Client Testimonials

Thank you all so much for the first class service you've given us on "Into the Woods".
Anna Pinnock, Set Decorator, Five Beans Productions Ltd

Theatrical Property: A Definition

Since the days of Greek theatre and hand-held masks, props have been a part of life in theatres, film and TV. Even the word 'prop' goes back to the Renaissance, when small acting troupes travelled Europe. Stage weapons, furniture or other hand-held devices were considered 'company property', or simply 'property', which then became 'props', and then stage props or movie props.

Many film props are ordinary objects. However, a stage prop must, of course, look real to the audience. Many real objects simply don't look like themselves to an audience, because of their size, durability, or colour under bright lights, so some are specially designed to look more like the actual item than the real object would. In some cases, a movie prop is designed to behave differently to the real object, often for safety reasons.

Choosing the Right Stage and Film Props

In modern society the use of stage props has transferred to Motion picture production. Movie props are sourced from prop houses or purchased by the production company. The movie props are usually the responsibility of the Prop Master or Set Decorator.

The properties are determined by the Production Designer who will work alongside a Production Buyer (Prop Buyer). The Art Department will draw up plans, visuals and put together concept models to gain an idea of how a set will look and then enhance the production by adding movie props to create atmosphere and an idea of realism.

In theatres, stage prop choice plays a key role in a production's success. Stage props are generally considered to be separate from the costumes worn by the actors, the sets themselves or other large objects that can be considered part of the stage.

Prop hire from Keeley Hire

Keeley Hire is a major supplier of properties to the Film, TV and theatrical industry. In recent years our company has expanded its portfolio to supplying event prop hire to the Theme Event Industry. Our exclusive collections of movie & stage props have been used to create themed sets for corporate parties, theatre, themed events and product launches. Get in touch today to discuss how event prop hire could benefit you. We are always looking for ways to cover new areas and have also recently supplied movie props to viral commercials and magazine publications.

Originally established in the 1830s, Keeley Hire has one of the largest collections of stage and movie props you're likely to find anywhere. In fact, at the moment we have more than half a million items in stock, all ready to be hired out.

Although we specialize in historical props ranging from Medieval to the 1940s', we also stock a wide range of contemporary props such as street dressing and we will endeavour to source products to suit your period. If you're in the market for event prop hire, or theatre and film props, check what we can do for you before you do anything else.

Our extensive list of recent credits include from the small screen, "Cranford" for the BBC, "Larkrise to Candleford", "Tudors" and for film "Sherlock Holmes", Ridley Scott's "Robin Hood", "Clash of the Titans" and "The Wolfman" amongst many others.

In theatre sets, we have supplied stage props to West End and touring plays. We have also supplied stage props to the Armed Forces, schools, colleges, amateur theatre and just about anyone who requires our prop services.

Our Service

Have a look at our huge range of movie and stage props on our web site - we have a prop database search facility to make your hunt for the perfect stage and film props even easier. Email or phone your enquiry about our film props and stage props, and we'll confirm the price and availability of the stage or movie prop you've chosen. At the same time, you'll have the chance to set up a registered account with us.

Browse through our extensive range of categories ranging from period barrels, bicycles, blacksmiths, candelabra, chairs, dock equipment, fairground, farm equipment, gravestones, Greek, Roman & Egyptian, lampposts & lighting, military, market stalls, street dressing, rickshaws, pewter, tavern dressing, and many more.

We also have an extensive range of themed event prop hire for special occasions, including Halloween, Christmas and more. Our themed retro event prop hire items from the 1970s and 1980s include items such as a giant Rubik's cube, a life-sized 'ET' model, a BMX bike and a 'Dr Who' police box. Whether you want Halloween props or Medieval props, you will find everything you need.

We supply prop hire worldwide and if you are unable to collect and return your props we are happy to quote for transport using our experienced transport and courier companies. Our event prop hire could bring your occasion to life like never before.

Log on today to find out more about the fantastic selection of stage and film props in our prop store!

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