Obituary - Mr Terry Michael O'Doherty - 1/7/56 to 23/7/09

Mr Terry Michael O'Doherty

It is with great sadness that we wish to announce the death of one of our Company Directors, Mr Terry Michael O'Doherty, from a suspected heart failure. Terry, who ran our workshop and warehouse operations, was just 53 years of age and will be greatly missed by his family, friends and colleagues.

For anyone who'd like to leave more than kind words, you can leave a donation to Terry's favourite charity, the Great Ormond Street Hospital -


Terry Michael, I will always remember the day you were in your workshop with some classical tunes blaring out, it has to be said your hair was going through a wild faze and you were covered in dust, you looked like a mad professor....such a wonderful memory, you have made so many fabulous props possible with your talent, enthusiasm and personality you will be hugely missed. Thinking of you and you very special family at this sad time. Love Claire xxx

posted by: Claire Richards

Fondest memories of Terry Michael . Terry Michael was always cheerful and always helpful & never said no to the most outrageous request! His propmaking got better and better over the years and he always had a solution to the trickiest of problems. Love to Michelle & Radar and to you all. Gillx

posted by: gill ducker

I didn't know Terry that well, he was always happy to help and always had a smile, nothing was too much trouble. A really nice genuine man. Forever remembered. Rest in peace Terry.

posted by: Lloyd

What else can I say? Always cheerful, pleased to see you and helpful beyond belief as everyone knows, but sometimes we laughed together about the occasional mistake! Many years ago, before Terry Michael was even driving, he was asked by his mother to check the oil in the car before going to Norfolk on a short break. He didn't know about the dipstick so he filled it up to the top of the engine filler! Needless to say when they set off oil went everywhere and they quickly returned! He soon learnt not only about how to check oil but how to take engines out, repair them and put them back all nicely painted and polished! Lots of fond memories. To Michelle and all the family, my thoughts are with you, Peter.

posted by: Peter Hickman

So sorry to hear of the sad news - my thoughts are with you all

posted by: geraint Powell

I shall miss Terry Michael so much. He always helped me when I was in a fix looking for props for the Operatic Society. Making carts, refurbishing rickshaws, or putting an enormous gong in a frame for Mikado, he has been been a wonderful friend for so many years. My thoughts are with the family at this time. Lesley Duggan

posted by: Lesley from St.Albans OpSoc

What a very sad day it was hearing about the tradgic loss of Terry Michael. A visit to keeleys without a trip into the workshop to say hello to him,I just cant imagine.His happy & enthusiastic way with everyone & every little thing...will be sadly missed. much love to you all

posted by: Judy Farr

I was shocked and saddened to learn about the sudden loss of Terry. A genuinely nice person who was skillfull and creative in his work. Visits to Keeley won't be quite the same without him. My thoughts are with you all at this very sad time.

posted by: Gary Bennison

Whenever I was collecting or dropping off props i would pop into Terry's workshop to talk about his latest project,he was always incrediblly interesting,knowledgable,and humourous. I'll truely miss our chats,a very sad loss.

posted by: Nocker (Nick) Curson

I was extremely sad to hear about the passing of Terry (or 'Tel' as i used to call him). He was always in a good mood when I saw him and would always offer a helping hand if somebody needed it. I'm sure he made an impact on everybody he came into contact with. Such a kind man, he will be sorely missed. Rest in Peace Tel.

posted by: Dan Kirby (Leaside Timber)

I didn't know Terry Michael very well but whenever I was at Chapway and he came to visit he always had a friendly "Hello how are you" A lovely man and good for a joke. Pulled his leg many a time as i called him Michael for years not knowing i was wrong!! I guess the joke was on me Also was very kind to loan props from Bugsy Malone for our girls school play! Angie

posted by: Angie Way

A friend for over 30 years. Always ready for a laugh and joke when he came to visit us at our workshop down the road. A polite and friendly man with a big smile he will be sadly missed by everyone. From Roland, Grant and Dennis

posted by: Chapway Fabrications

How very sad to hear the news of Terry Michael! Heartfelt sympathy to you all...x

posted by: Claire Grainger

Terry , you will be very badly missed , you were a breath of fresh air , always knowledgeable and interested in everything that you did , and you did a lot for everybody. Your talent and attention to detail helped all of us on so many films. It was a privilege to have known you. Rest in Peace David

posted by: David Balfour

I was lucky enough to meet Terry Michael on several occasions and he was always so genuine, kind and sincere. He loved his work and was a natural craftsman and yet he was so modest and laid-back about his incredible talent. He will be very sadly missed.

posted by: Martin Sawyer

I was very sorry to hear the sad and sudden news about my uncle Terry Michael. I havn't been able to see him very often over the years but I remember him being very kind, approachable and lovely to chat to.I also remember his passion and skills in his workshop, there are not many people who can make something out of nothing. My thougths are with Terry Michael and all at Keeley Hire. xx

posted by: Annette House

Terry was such a unique talent within this industry and will be completely irreplaceable. So knowledgeable and skilled. A genuine pleasure to work with. He will be sorely missed. Our thoughts and love go out to his family.

posted by: Katie, Alison & all on Sherlock Holmes

Terry Michael, as everyone can see, was a great kind talented man and will be greatly missed by everyone who knew him. Our very best wishes to all the family from Peter, Stewart & Julie.

posted by: Peter Wallin

There was no one quite like Terry Michael, with his wonderful sense of humour and great kindness. Nothing was too much trouble for Terry he will be greatly missed by all of us. With much love and thoughts to all the family. Leanda x

posted by: Leanda

Terry what can i say that has not been said before , you was a very nice chap who i had a lot of time for , god bless you

posted by: KEN

Dear Dear Terry, I have grown up with you, and am so sad, especially the loss to the family. Clever, funny, and talented, yes, and those jeeps that started as an engine part on a work top..... Will miss you, much love to the family and Michelle at this time. Say Hello to Mum and Dad-!!

posted by: Terry Jones

Terry was fondly thought of by our whole family, we had many a good time when we worked on Black Beauty on the carriages. We are sure that he is having a great laugh now with our Dad Dennis and chatting about the good old days. He will be sadly missed.

posted by: Terry, Paul and all at Lays International

I only met Terry once and that was just to look at his wonderfuly restored jeeps. But he made me so welcome on that first visit ,and I could see what all his freinds and collegues saw in him. Quite simply a great guy. I was hopeing to see him again unfortunatly it was not to be.. God bless.

posted by: john farley

No one likes to loose a prop in this industry let alone loose a prop Genius! What are we going to do now we have lost Terry? What a sad blow for the family and all of us that loved and delighted in his humour and talent. Terry you will always be remembered especially by me that has seen you grow up over the years your company has been in business. When you have parked your bike in h Heaven give my love to your mum and dad. Bless you Xl

posted by: Brian Read

It was a great shock to hear about the sudden death of Terry. He was such a nice man and will be sadly missed. Our thoughts go out to Michelle and the family.

posted by: John,Jim & Angela. (J & W Fencing)

To my uncle Terry Michael im finding it very hard to find the words of how i am feeling as you was a loving funny wonderful man.I will always remember you in my heart x x x

posted by: Amanda House

For my uncle Terry Michaeal I can not begin to say how sad we are all feeling for such a lovely man who we looked up to with his remarkable talent in the workshop.He came to see me in hospital for the birth of my first son Connor.It was funny because he was worried to hold him and it wasn't till he was about to go that he held him in his arms and that is the last photo i had of him.We will miss you and you will always be in are hearts x x x x x x

posted by: Fiona House

I can't tell you how sorry I was to hear about the very sad death of Terry - I can't begin to thank him enough for getting me out of trouble last year with that bell on a rope and I will always remember the fantastic crosses he made for us- he will be missed by us all. lots of love to his wonderful family. Deborah X

posted by: Deborah Wilson

Terry was a definitely a kindred spirit, with our love of all things old and mechanical.......i was always fascinated to see what new project he was into & restoring, a fantastic craftsman and one of the rare genuinely decent people i've met. i'll miss seeing him, but i'm sure where ever he is he's happily fiddling about with some archaic machinery.....

posted by: marsh

What a fine man- so talented and compassionate about his craft. He will no doubt now be building even more wonderful things in heaven. Fondest thoughts. James

posted by: james merifield

It was with great shock and sadness that we heard of the sudden death of Terry Michael. Terry Michael was always busy in his workshop, fixing things or creating wonderful props. He was such a character - genuine and friendly as well as always being helpful and interested in how the film was going. It was a pleasure to work with someone who had such enthusiasm, who took pride in his work and was so skilled at what he created and did so in a good-natured way. He will be greatly missed. Our thoughts are with Terry Michael and those who loved and worked with him.

posted by: Anna, John, Jamie, Fergus & Jackie (Clash of the Titans)

I can only say Terry was one of the kindest men I ever met, who was very talented also, Terry you were loved by many and will stay in our hearts forever.

posted by: Beverley

we were shocked to learn about Terry at such a young age, and our thoughts go out to his warm and loving family, you are going to be sadly missed by all

posted by: Margaret & John

I am so stunned but will always remember you always there for me anytime my stupid car broke down and of your cheeky face and laugh; great humour and kindness. And us 4 (me/ paul / michelle and yourself) going to wembley in 1989 to see bobby brown in concert. You were none stop laughing all the way there and you getting up and dancing. We really had a good night . I will miss you so much

posted by: Julia Pedder

Where do I begin? Terry Michael & I were together for over 25 years. We not only shared a home, we worked together every day. Treasured memories to numerous to mention, for instance our last holiday in Norfolk not so long ago. Taking our faithful Jack Russell Radar for long walks on the beach in all weathers (& him keep telling me it's healthy)! A typical Terry experience - he decided to buy a fibre glass model of a sheep then when we got to the car with it, a wink & a cheeky grin he popped a second one in saying it would be lonely on its own. So there we were driving down the motorway, roof down, dog on my lap, two sheep on the back seat with lorry drivers pressing their horns & laughing & waving- me cringing & Terry loving it. He wasn't just part of my life, he was my life. Rest in peace my darling. You'll never be forgotten.

posted by: Michelle



A message for my uncle Some things Id like to say A man of many talents Who would help you through the day When I was a kid We used to do fun things Youd let me ride your bicycles Youd push me on your swing When I think of you Happy memories I can see A great fantastic uncle Who was very dear to me I hope you are at peace In heaven up above And you can see all of your messages Full of care and lots of love Forever in my heart X Emma X

posted by: Emma

My fond memories of terry was in 1989 at a bobby brown concert ( as he didn't know much about his music) it still didn't stop him getting up out of his seat and dancing no matter what song it was being played and how over the years no matter under any condition you always helped me out with car problems and never left me stranded without help. You will be sadly missed

posted by: paul pedder

Terry, you were always there with a solution and a hearty laugh to every problem no matter how idiotic. I can't believe you'll no longer be part of all our lives. You and your extraordinary talents will be sorely missed. Peace be with you. Dom

posted by: Dom

One of my favorite memories of Terry is a relatively new one. Just a few weeks ago i sneeked up to the workshop to investigate some rather odd squeaking sounds, as i looked in i could see it was in fact Terry, busting some moves to a Jacko record! His work ethic and talents were second to none. He literally knew everything about everything and no matter how busy he got he always had time to help. He was such an amazing character and will never be forgotten!

posted by: Gav

The time I helped you get the tractor out of the lake .We had to ask your sister to harness up the horse to tow it out I dont think your father knew that you were underneath it . you soon got the tractor working . rest in peace

posted by: Tony

You have never met such a laid back guy as Terry. Nothing phased him. After 25 years of him & Michelle being to-gether I feel I knew him pretty well. Some of the In depth conversations we had would leave the three of us rolling about with laughter. A wonderful, kind caring & generous man who will be sadly missed.

posted by: Maureen Guyett

You were always there when I needed help with anything. We always had a laugh together. I miss you. Trish

posted by: Trish

I can't put into words the things I would like to say. I am sure you will be having a good laugh with Mother & Father and will always be watching over us. Rest in Peace. Geraldine.

posted by: Geraldine

My fondest memories as a Brother were when we used to go motorbike riding at the Manor House and all those crazy days out with the old man on the London to Brighton rallies etc. In business, nothing was ever too much trouble for you, and your remarkable talent in the workshop can only be described as a "Genius at work".

posted by: Mr Eamonn O'Doherty

Terry Michael was such a unique character & I shall miss him so much when I come over to Keeley Hire. He was so kind, caring & gentle and had such a wonderful sense of humour. Terry Michael helped Martin & me out many times; he always had the otherwise totally evasive double-ended screw we needed in his treasured workshop! Rest in Peace Terry Michael. Love Ann x

posted by: Ann

A very good friend and work colleague who will be greatly missed - His gifted work was an inspiration for everyone and his talent and character will be forever in my memory. TM I miss you. Lee.

posted by: Lee Filipek